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Today, Mandy came up with the really fun idea to take a look at some interesting architecture found on island nations from around the world!  I really love the unique windows on Renzo Piano’s Valletta… Read More


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We’re going to start the week off right by checking out some interesting abandoned architecture from around the world!  These alien-looking houses in San Zhi, Taiwan were intended to… Read More

Since it’s National Pink Day, today we are going to close the week out by taking a look at some perky and festive pink architecture!  Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea’s coral reefs, French design firm… Read More


As we quickly race towards Friday, Cathy thought it might be fun to take a look at some wonderful architecture in gorgeous Germany. I say, ja!  The mesmerizing Norddeutsche Landesbank building in Hannover, Germany is… Read More


Today, is really going to be out of this world! Craig has asked if we could take a look at some of the world’s most amazing observatories!  The architects at Holzer Kobler Architekturen designed the… Read More


Today, Andy suggested that we continue our skyscraper tour, and travel around the world and take a look at some more of these amazing towers! The stunning One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan was… Read More


Happy Monday everyone! To start the week off right, Casper has asked if we could check out some of the world’s most amazing skyscrapers! Sky’s the limit!  The stunning 36-story Mode-Gakuen spiral tower in Nagoya,… Read More


We are going to finish the week out in true style! Today, Tim has asked if we can take a look at some of the amazing architecture in England! The west front of the church at… Read More


Happy Half Way Into The Week Day! Today, Connie asked if we could travel over to United Arab Emirates and check out some of their amazing architecture! Let’s go!  The shocking Capital Gate Building in… Read More


Today, Kristine thought it would be fun to travel the globe and take a look at some of the world’s most amazing airports! Get ready for take off!  The stunning futuristic Encounter Restaurant is the… Read More


To start the week off right, Clive suggested that checking out some of the interesting architecture in beautiful Panama would be fun!  The wildly creative F&F Tower is an office tower in Panama City, Panama.… Read More


To celebrate World Ocean’s Day, Bonnie thought it would be fun to travel around the world and take a look at some amazing coastal architecture! Let’s go!  Architects Rob Quigley and Kathleen Hallahan designed this… Read More


Super excited about today! Andy has suggested that we take a trip on over to sensational Serbia, and take a look at some of their interesting architecture!  This fascinating structure is Serbia’s Air Force Museum… Read More


Everyone loved our awesome trip to classy Canada yesterday, and there’s just so much more amazing architecture to look at. So we’re heading back today!  The stunning Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a national… Read More


Another week, another chance to check out some amazing architecture! Today, Erin had the super fun suggestion that we head on over to cool Canada!  At first glance, this looks very Frank Gehry, but the… Read More