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Today, Elizabeth wanted to know if we could take a look at some of the exciting architecture in Atlanta, Georgia… I say that’s a peach of an idea!  The stunning new Atlanta Falcons’ stadium has… Read More


Today, Jeff suggested that we should take a trip Down Under, and visit some of the magnificent architecture in Melbourne, Australia! You don’t have to ask me twice!  Architectural practice ARM is the talent responsible… Read More


It’s Hump Day! So today, Christopher thought it would be fun to head over to Holland and check out some super fantastic Dutch architecture!  The colorful Markthal Rotterdam, a covered food market and housing development… Read More


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today, Mimi has said that she would like to look at some of the architecture in lovely Riga, Latvia! Let’s go!  The Riga Diesel Engine Factory, located in… Read More


Music is the universal language, so today, we’re going to travel the planet and take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful and unique concert halls and opera houses!  The stunning Harpa Music… Read More


Today, Rinshankouhai has asked if we could travel the world and take a look at some of the most interesting Brutalist architecture. We sure can!  This wonderful example of Brutalist architecture by Georges Adilon was… Read More


We’re at the week’s half way point! So to celebrate that milestone, Andy thought it would be fun to see some lovely architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia!  I really like the glamorous curved laminate elements of… Read More


Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Today, Sophie was wondering if we could see some architecture in the gorgeous city of Copenhagen? Ja we can!  Designed by 3XN, the stunning Blue Planet in Copenhagen… Read More


Monday, Monday… Today, Olivia has suggested that we travel over to the beautiful city of San Francisco and take a peek at some architecture!  John Michael Lee, Paul A. Ryan and Angus McSweeney, collaborating with… Read More


Well, it’s finally Friday! Hope everyone is having a good one. Today, Kristine asked if we could see some architecture in Frankfurt, Germany. Let’s go!  Architects Schneider + Schumacher are the designers behind the stunning… Read More


It’s almost Friday, everyone! And to celebrate, Patrick has suggested that we travel down south and look at some inspiring architecture in Cape Town, South Africa!  Cape Town architect Mokena Makeka was chosen to redesign… Read More


It’s apparently National Spaghetti Day, say what!? So Alice Mae thought it would be fun to check out some bellissimo architecture in amazing Italy!  I’m totally loving the fascinating facade of this new addition to… Read More


Today, Jennifer thought it would be fun to travel on over to Warsaw and take a look at some of their wonderful architecture! I agree!  Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects from Helsinki, Finland designed the gorgeous… Read More


Happy 2017, everyone! A clean slate can be exciting. Just like architecture! To start the year off right, Bob suggested we head to fabulous Tasmania!  The award winning Devils Corner lookout on Tasmania’s gorgeous east… Read More


To close out the interesting year that was 2016, Andrew suggested that we travel over to Romania and look at some of their remarkable architecture!  The gorgeous National Architects Union headquarters in Bucharest was once… Read More