West Campus Student Housing, University of Washington

The University of Washington has constructed a new West Campus Housing project, which covers 4 city blocks and will house 1,650 students and will contain 3 residence halls, 2 apartment buildings, a restaurant, cafe, conference… Read More

Sky City

Lack of government approval has halted construction on what was planned to be the world’s tallest skyscraper. “Sky City” whose construction began just recently, was planned to be 838 meters tall and completed within 10… Read More

UChicago residence hall and dining hall

The University of Chicago will be adding a new major residence hall and dining commons to its campus, and to design the building, they have selected Chicago architect Jeanne Gang.

The new residence is expected… Read More

The Portland Building

Because it was the first major piece of Postmodernist architecture constructed, the Portland Building, by Architect Michael Graves, is considered a key-point in architecture history. The government building for the city of Portland received mixed… Read More

Eindhoven Airport Extension and Hotel

Because of the increase in passengers using the Eindhoven Airport, in The Netherlands, the terminal building has been expanded and a hotel building has been added. Both projects were designed by KCAP Architects&Planners and De… Read More

Sky City

China’s proposed building, Sky City, is projected to be 838 meters tall, which would make it the tallest building in the world. China expects to have the building constructed in only 10-months, a proposal that… Read More

Heavybit Industries

By architecture firm IwamotoScott, Heavybit Industries is a community work-space, located in San Francisco, designed  for early stage companies that produce cloud-developer products. The building is designed to host presentations and public events, as well… Read More

City in Sky

Constructed by 39 children and their parents during a 3-month workshop, ‘City in Sky’ is an experimental project constructed out of living bamboo in order to allow the project to continue to grow. The city… Read More

Headquarters for Santa Fe Architects Association

Designed by architects Biagioni, Giolongo et al, the headquarters for the Santa Fe Architects Association in Argentina was constructed in 2010. The most salient feature of the project is that it has two facades, the… Read More

PATH Station

When the World Trade Center Transportation Hub opens in 2015, it might have cost $3.995 billion, almost twice it’s original projected cost. Proposed in 2004 and planned to be finished in 5 years, construction for… Read More

Galaxy Soho

This movie filmed by architectural photographer Dan Chung gives a tour of Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy Soho complex in Beijing. The 330-meters-squared building was completed in 2012, and it houses retail, office, and entertainment space. There… Read More

Technology Education Building in Singapore

Consisting of 8-story towers containing corner-less rooms, the Learning Hub, which is currently under construction, is the first development on Nanyang Technology University’s campus in twenty years. Rejecting a top-down approach to learning at a university,… Read More

Check Point Building

A winner has been announced for Tel-Aviv University’s competition to design the building for the Faculty of Computer Science. The design was inspired by cloud computing: there is a substantial foundation to the building, but… Read More

Proposal for World Trade Center in China

The proposal by the Dutch firm UNStudio for the World Trade Center in the city of Wenzhou China has won the competition for its design. The project, which will be a series of 5 segmented… Read More

MetroNap EnergyPod

EnergyPod is the leading product in the field of facilitating on-the-job napping, and it’s maker MetroNaps is seeing an increased demand for the product. Based on the idea that a quick nap refreshes employees and… Read More