Let’s go check out some of the amazing architecture in one of the most populated cities in the world, Mexico City!  Officially named Calakmul, after an important Mayan civilization, architect Agustín Hernández Navarrothe’s building is… Read More


Let’s visit the small but architecturally vibrant country of Austria!  This is the gorgeous Loisium Wine Museum in Langenlois, Austria. It was designed by American architect Steven Holl.  The design concept is derived from the… Read More


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Katuaq Culture Centre, Nuuk

Nuuk is the most populous town in Greenland with 15,862 residents, making it the least populated national capital in the world.  But this stunning piece of architecture is the Katuaq Culture Centre, Nuuk. It was… Read More


A unique and beautiful city that most people don’t think of, due to its remoteness, is the beguiling Reykjavik, Iceland. But this island nation has some gorgeous architecture.  Built in 2007 by Icelandic architectural firm… Read More


The Shanghai Tower is almost done. When it’s completed, it will be the second tallest building in the world. This gorgeous structure was designed by the American architectural firm Gensler. The building will rise approximately… Read More


One city that is definitely forward thinking when it comes to their architecture, is Seoul, South Korea. This amazing building is from the architect firm iArc Architects. Built in 2013, the Seoul New City Hall has… Read More


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An often forgotten jewel of Europe is the beautiful capitol city of Riga, Latvia. The new Citadeles Moduli in the city was designed by gmp von Gerkan, Marg & Partners (Hochbau), Hamburg . A lovely… Read More


This stunning creation is the Graz Art Museum in Austria. It’s called the “Friendly Alien” by it’s creators Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. The team of architects used a innovative stylistic idiom, known as “Blob… Read More


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