Since the US is playing Ghana in the World Cup, let’s go take a look at some interesting architecture in Ghana!  The unique Golden Jubilee House, commonly known as “Flagstaff House”, is the presidential Palace… Read More


Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there! Today I thought we’d keep things really neutral, and visit the exciting and beautiful Switzerland!  Local Architecture and architect Danilo Mondada designed the stunning mother house… Read More


Today we’re going to head to England and see some of the amazing works from John Nash (1752-1835), one of King George’s favorite architects.  John Nash designed the famed Marble Arch in London. Did you… Read More


Seems like the world has gone soccer crazy! But the game started in China. The Chinese game of ‘Tsu-Chu’ originated in 255BC. Let’s go visit China! Where is all began.  Surrealism meets post-modernism in the… Read More


Today the world has gone to Brazil for the World Cup, so today we will go to Brazil for the architecture!  This is the awe inspiring ramp of Brasilia”s National Museum, courtesy of world famous… Read More


The magnificent Library of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, recently opened  to the public. It is the largest library in Europe. The architecture and interior are out of this world, very intricately designed by Dutch designers… Read More


MVRDVarchitects are known for their unconventional work and this project is no exception to the rule. Balancing Barn is situated on a beautiful site by a small lake in the English countryside near Thorington in… Read More


The Soundhouse was designed by Carey Jones Architects and is the Sheffield University’s state-of-the-art music practice and studio facility.   The black rubber membrane was placed under tension similar to the skin on a drum, fixed… Read More


Today, I’m excited to say, that we’re going to head over to that very royal country of the United Kingdom and look at some architecture!  Built in 2003,  The Eden Project is a visitor attraction… Read More


Today I want to explore what Croatia has to offer architect-wise!  Architect Ivan Vitić designed this gorgeous pavilion in Zagreb in 1956. It’s known as Pavilion Nr. 40.  It was planned and erected within a… Read More


Today I’m feeling exotic! Let’s check out some of the amazing architecture on the island of Mauritius!  Jean Francois Koenig Architects designed the striking and unique Mauritius Commercial Bank. I really like it! Do you?

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