Yesterday we saw lots of amazing architecture in Lithuania, so today, let’s just go next door and do some exploring in Estonia!  I love the stunning Fahle apartment and office building in Estonia’s capital city… Read More


Architectural bureau Natkevicius & Partners designed the stunning Utriai Residence.  This modern designed house is located in Vežaiciai of western Lithuania. The special feature of this open spacious architecture is a 15 m long part slightly… Read More


Today, I thought we could go a bit north and see what architectural treasures we could discover in Lithuania! Let’s go!  Kestutis Lupeikis Architectural Projects designed this beautiful cube building for the Vilnius Headquarters of… Read More


Today I thought we could go and discover a rarely visited country. I’m sure Libya will be very exciting to see!  Tabanlıoğlu Architects designed the stunning Tripoli Congress Center Building, in north west Libya.  Following… Read More


Today I thought we’d visit Portugal and check out some of their amazing architecture! Want to take a trip?!  Barbosa Guimarães Arquitectos has built an architectural wonder as Vodaphone’s headquarters in Porto.   A brilliant example… Read More


Today let’s go to the ancient and exciting land of Egypt!  Of course we have to see the amazing Great Pyramids of Egypt. Still considered architectural masterpieces. The largest pyramid is called Khufu which is one… Read More


Architect Adalberto Libera designed Casa Malaparte in 1937, one of the best examples of Italian modern and contemporary architecture. It’s a house on Punta Massullo, on the eastern side of the Isle of Capri, Italy.… Read More


Today is going to be exciting, guys! Because today we’re going to explore the gorgeous beauty that is Italy’s architecture!  Zaha Hadid designed this stunning retail and business center in the town of Jesolo, Italy,… Read More


Today we’re going to head to the very neutral, yet very beautiful, Switzerland. Let’s view some of their amazing architecture!  Peter Kunz Architects designed this unique and amazing parking garage in Herdern, a town in… Read More


So, let’s continue our trip down under and check out some more amazing architecture in Australia!  Jackson Clements Burrows Pty Ltd Architects designed the aptly named Tree House in Victoria.  The house uses and blends… Read More


Today we are heading “down under” to check out some amazing architecture in Australia!  Australian architecture firm, Lyons designed the stunning ‘John Curtain School of Medical Research’, a research laboratory designed to enhance interactivity and collaborative… Read More


Today is going to be a random one! For no other reason other than “why not!?”, We’re going to check out some architecture in Kansas! Studio 804’s striking Sustainable Prototype is a collaboration between the well… Read More


A really exciting city architecture-wise these days is the booming and exciting Singapore. Let’s go explore!  Opened in 2010, the gorgeous Singapore Marina Bay Sands is part of the mega $5.5 billion resort project, Marina… Read More


Two beautiful buildings. We will never forget.

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Today we’re going to go and see one of the most beautiful skylines in the world!  Can you guess what city calls this glamorous skyline home?  It has some of the most striking architecture in… Read More