Today Gregory requested that he really would like to see some of the architecture in the beautiful country of Kenya. Let’s go on a safari!  Completed by canvas specialists byDESIGN, this is the eco-friendly Mahali… Read More


Today Claire asked if we could go to Poland and check out some of their architecture. Sounds fun to me!  This Wonka-like rooftop extension to the National Museum in Poxnan comes courtesy of Claudio Silvestrin… Read More


I’m very excited! Kimberly made the really fun suggestion of going over to Qatar and seeing some of their brand new architecture!  The gorgeous Museum of Islamic Art is a museum located in the Qatari… Read More


Hey there! Today Phil has suggested that we head over to tiny Luxembourg and see some of their architecture. Sounds good to me!  This stunning pedestrian bridge is the new landmark of Esch sur Alzette,… Read More


Today Bryan made a fun suggestion. He asked if we could go around the world and check out some of the different McDonald’s! Let’s go!  This amazing McDonald‘s is dubbed as the ‘most picturesque McDonald’s in… Read More


Today I’m super excited to go and visit Germany. There is so much exciting architecture there. Thanks for suggesting it, Milo!  Located in Karlsruhe, Germany, this modern 4-storey house is built on a historic site… Read More


Today we are going to visit one of my very favorite cities in the world. Den Haag! Also known as The Hague. Hope you love it as much as I do!  The world famous Zaha Hadid… Read More


Many thanks to Reagan for suggesting that we head over to Canada and explore some of their architecture!  I love the striking Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Vancouver was designed by Saucier + Perrotte /… Read More


Today Rosie suggested that we head over and explore the architecture in the beautiful country of Slovenia. Sounds like fun to me!  OFIS Arhitekti designed the beautifully modern Lace apartments in Nova Gorcia, Slovenia. I like… Read More


Max was nice enough to suggest we visit Finland today and check out some of their architecture. Let’s head north!  Avanto Arkkitehdit Ltd designed the absolutely striking Chapel of St.Lawrence located in Vantaa.   It… Read More


Alexander had a great idea, he suggested that we look at the architecture of various world capitals! So I thought we could head to the far east and check out what Tokyo has to offer.… Read More


Today ArchStudy suggested that we head WAY down south and take a look at what Tasmania has to offer architecture-wise. Great Idea!   The gorgeous Museum of Old and New Art is an art museum… Read More


Today Jan has suggested we go and visit his home country of Czech Republic. Let’s czech out their architecture!  Amongst the best Communist-era buildings in the Czech Republic is the odd looking Television Transmitter on… Read More


Today, Iain suggested that we go and take a look at some of the architecture in jolly ol Scotland! Let’s go!  Zaha Hadid’s amazing Riverside Museum, in Glasgow won the European Museum of the Year… Read More


I’m sitting here feeling hungry, so why not head over to see some of Hungary’s architecture!?  This is the gorgeous headquarters of the Hungarian Autoklub, designed by vikár & lukács architects, in Budapest, Hungary.   The… Read More