Today we finish our architectural visit to Scandinavia with a trip to Denmark. You as excited as I am!? Let’s go!  These distinctive waterside apartments designed by Henning Larsen Architects and built on the bank… Read More


Today we continue our architectural visit to Scandinavia as we head on over to Norway! Super excited!  I really like the ‘Knowledge + Cultural Square’ by Mecanoo Architects + CODE located in Kongsberg, Norway.  A large… Read More


Continuing with our architectural visit to Scandinavia, today I’m very excited to check out some of Finland’s wonderful buildings!  Located in Helsinki, Finland, the beautiful Helsinki Seafarers’ Centre was designed by ARK-house Architects Ltd.  The… Read More


Today we are going to leave the Baltic States and head west to see some of the architecture in Scandinavia! Thanks for the suggestion, Scott!  Designed for Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg, a Swedish banking and insurance company,… Read More


Thought we would stay with the Baltic States after our really interesting visits to Latvia and Estonia. Lithuania, here we come!  The very unique Brutalist Palace of Concerts and Sports in Vilnius was built in… Read More


Yesterday we had fun seeing architecture in Latvia, so today we’re going to head next door and see what Estonia has to offer!  The Snail Tower is a residential building in Tartu by Künnapu &… Read More


Today we’re going to head up north, but not as far as Iceland. Dave asked if we could take a look around the beautiful country of Latvia!  This beautiful new project is by young Latvian… Read More


Bridget wants us to head to the small island of Iceland. I think that’s a great idea. Let’s go check it out!  The striking church Hallgrímskirkja, by Guðjón Samúelsson, has became a landmark in the… Read More


Hope you all had a great weekend. Oscar said he would really enjoy it if we headed over to Poland and check out some of their architecture!  Ingarden & Ewy Architekci designed the unsual and… Read More


Everyone seemed to really enjoy our visit to Italy. Who wouldn’t!? Today, Gary suggested that we head over to nearby Albania. Let’s check it out!  MVRDV won the Urban Ecological Masterplan award for their project… Read More


Today Christopher asked if we could head over to Italy and check out some of their architecture. I said, Si! Here we go!  The famous Zaha Hadid designed this gorgeous retail and business center in… Read More


In honor of Oktoberfest, Neil thought it would be festive to head over to Germany and check out some Deutsch architecture.  Ian Shaw Architekten designed this really classy workshop in Siegen, Germany.  The simple steel… Read More


Lance suggested a place rather far from the Philippines… Argentina! I have a feeling that we’re going to see some spicy architecture!  I love the unique and striking Bicentennial Civic Center in Cordoba, Argentina. Jointly… Read More


Jean-Daniel threw out two countries to visit, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Two great countries. Let’s go to t he smaller of the two!  Hansjörg Göritz Architekturstudio designed the unique and lovely new State Capitol Forum and… Read More


Happy Saturday! Today Sam asked if we could head to the far east and check out some of the architecture in the Philippines.Sounds like fun!  This gorgeous residential project in Manila was designed by international… Read More