Today we are going to finish our Architecture of Cities Tour with an exciting visit to Paris, France! Thanks for the suggestion, Alan!  Danish architect Johann Otto von Spreckelsen’s stunning Grande Arche is a modern, 20th… Read More


The day before Thanksgiving we are going to continue our City Architecture Tour. Abbey suggested Sydney, Australia. Let’s head down under!  Located in Sydney,  the beautifully unique One Shelley Street was designed by the talented… Read More


We’re going to continue our Architectural City Tour. People have seemed to enjoy the past week of popular cities. Today we head to Tokyo!  Completed in 1972 by Kisho Kurokawa, this eccentric residential building –… Read More


Happy Monday! Today Kirk asked if we could keep our City Architecture Tour going, and continue on to Abu Dhabi. It’s gonna be crazy!  Abu Dhabi’s amazing Ferrari World was designed by Benoy Architects.  It… Read More


Today I’m super excited! Several people have asked if we can head over and czech out Prague’s architecture. Let’s go!  The famously unique “Dancing House” was designed by Architects Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry in… Read More


London was a huge success yesterday! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Today Johanna has asked if we could visit Berlin, Germany. Ja!  A gorgeous shot of the city’s famous Brandenburg Gate. The Gate was… Read More


Today we’re going to visit one of my favorite cities in the world… London! I’m so excited because London has some of the best architecture in the world.  The striking “Shard”, formally known as London… Read More


Thanks to Kate’s suggestion, today we’re heading over to check out some architecture in the state of California. Hey, it’s bigger than a lot of countries!  Pelli  Clarke Pelli Architects designed the red addition to… Read More


Today Rob has asked if we can go and check out some of the architecture in South Korea. So let’s go!  GDS architects’ stunning “Tower Infinity” will be “invisible” when it’s completed in Incheon. It… Read More


Here is another US state capital to guess.  I really like this performing arts centre.The building is the first major public project by architect Peter Eisenman and is an important early work in the development… Read More


Today we’re going to play another guessing game. We’re going to visit US capital cities. Can you guess where these buildings are located?  Here is a beautiful photo of this capital’s gorgeous Neo-Gothic Catholic cathedral.… Read More


Yesterday we went ALL over the world. Today we’re going to stick to one country. Tyson wants to check out the architecture in Russia!  These buildings are part of the Organic City in Russia by… Read More


Here is another capital city for you to guess. This unique and remarkable building is located in a capital city that is very far from most other capital cities. It’s found in a memorial park… Read More


Today we’re going to play a game! We’re going to visit several world capital cities. You have to guess where we are by the building you see!  This capital has many famous buildings. This one… Read More


Having visited Thailand earlier this week, Adrian suggested that we head back to the far east and check out some architecture in Vietnam!  No, this is not the latest roller coaster, it’s actually a self-sustaining… Read More