Today, Ben and Samantha have asked if we could take a look at a British institution, the architecture of some British pubs. Sounds fun! Cheers!  This beauty in Nottingham is Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem,… Read More


As we quickly reach the end of 2014 (unbelievable!), Simon suggested that we visit the world’s largest country, Russia. I said “Da!”.  Super popular architect Zaha Hadid designed this gorgeous modern home in Rublyovka for… Read More

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This is the second mysterious building that we’re visiting today.  This unique building is one of the most famous in this capital city, but it’s relatively new. It was designed by The Jerde Partnership International.… Read More


As we quickly come to the close of 2014, I thought we could visit a few different places today. Can you guess which capital cities these buildings are found? This first one is a wild… Read More


Today Eric has suggested that we head on over to the beautiful and exciting city of Vienna, Austria and see some of their special architecture!  Michael Wallraff carried out this extremely cool design of an… Read More


Kathy really enjoyed our Christmas lights trip and suggested that take a look at some famous buildings during the holiday season!  Brussels’ Atomium was built in 1958 for the World Exhibition and still shines brightly… Read More


Today we’re going to do something a little bit different, and be a little festive!  The Queen certainly knows how to decorate for the holidays. Wrap the entire palace up like a massive present!  In… Read More


Happy Friday! Today, Ben has asked if we can visit Israel and take a look at some of their architecture. Let’s go take a look see!  Israeli office Chyutin Architects designed a unique student centre… Read More


Today Marc suggested we go and take a look at some of the architecture in the very timely, Cuba! Sounds good to me!  The Hotel Nacional de Cuba was built in 1930 by McKim, Mead… Read More


Our second visit during our snow covered architectural visit takes us to Russia.  In Skolkovo village, the striking Moscow School of Management was designed by David Adjaye.  With its large dimensions, the building redefines the… Read More


Super excited about today’s trip! Simon suggested that we check out some architecture as seen in the winter! Tis the season!  Beautiful Restaurant Tusen by Murman Arkitekter lies at the snowy outpost of the Ramundberget… Read More


We finally made it to Friday! Hope everyone had a great week. Today Paul asked if we could check out some architecture in Poland, let’s go! ZERAFA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO designed the truly striking Museum of Polish… Read More


Happy Thursday! Today Scott asked if we could take a trip to the far east and visit some of China’s remarkable architecture. Let’s go!  MAD architects have planned to build a commercial high-rise structure in Chongqing, China,… Read More


The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel was designed by renowned architect Walter Netsch.   Originally controversial in its design, the Cadet Chapel has become a classic and highly regarded example of modernist architecture,… Read More


Today we are going to travel around the world and take a look at some of the most beautiful and interesting churches and cathedrals out there!  The stunning Hallgrímskirkja, Icelandic for the Church of Hallgrímur, the… Read More