Today we are going to continue our journey through the Baltic states and take a look at what beautiful architecture Estonia has to offer!  Linnahall was built for the 1980 Olympics. It is nowadays largely… Read More


Today we are going to continue our journey through the Baltic states and take a look at what beautiful architecture Estonia has to offer!  Tallinn’s Fahle building (KOKO Architects, original limestone factory building 1926) is… Read More


Today, Aaron suggested that we travel to Latvia and take a look at some of that Baltic state’s amazing architecture. Sounds like fun!  Latvia’s National Library is not only a new addition to Riga, but… Read More


With the historic Snowmageddon 2015 bearing down on the US east coast, Tom asked if we could take a look at how snow affects architecture in NY!  I think this shot from the top of… Read More


Today, Alison has asked if we could check out some of the architecture in the new Miss Universe’s home country of Columbia. And the winner is?  Architect José Orrego designed this stunning corporate building. The… Read More


Today Michael asked if we could take a look at some of his favorite architect’s work. I.M. Pei. Let’s visit one of his best works!  The controversial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum… Read More


Clifford was raving about some of the pavilions at Shanghai’s World Expo in 2010. Let’s see if you can guess which country this pavilion belongs to!  Thomas Heatherwick designed this country’s entry. The centerpiece of… Read More


Today, Claire asked if we could head to the far east and check out some of Thailand’s architecture. Sounds fun and exotic! Let’s go!  Designed by Ole Scheeren, “MahaNakhon” translated into “Great Metropolis,” is set… Read More


Happy Martin Luther King Day! And Happy Monday! Today Chip suggested that we head over to Asia and see some of Iran’s architecture.  Hossein Amanat designed the striking Azadi Tower, and it has been one… Read More

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Happy Friday! Let’s start the weekend off with an amazing visit to some gorgeous architecture in Mexico! Ole’!  Architect Michel Rojkind and Industrial Designer Hector Esrawe created the gorgeous Tori Tori Japanese restaurant in Mexico… Read More


In honor of the Academy Award Nominations being announced today, we’re going to look at one of the Best Picture Nominees’ architecture!  One of my favorite films this year was SELMA. This mansion in Selma, Alabama,… Read More


Today, Jim wants to take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful hotels. Sounds fun to me. Let’s check in!  The French Attrap Reves Hotel offers a complete (and insulated!) view of the… Read More


Today we’re going to do something that we’ve done in the past that people have gotten a kick out of. We’re going to see one of the “ugliest” buildings in the world!  The gaudyTianzi Hotel… Read More


Today, I want to go back to one of my most favorite cities in the world… London!  The design of the iconic BBC Television Centre building famously started out as a question mark on an… Read More


Today Robert asked if we could head on over to the gorgeous country of Portugal and take a look at some of their amazing architecture!  Aires Mateus designed this stunning minimalist modern building. Believe it… Read More