Friday! We made it! In honor of the House of Cards premiere, we’re going to head over to Washington D.C. and check out some architecture!  Architect Chad Oppenheim conceived a hotel called “1Hotel… Read More


Today, Eric suggested that we pack up and head over and check out some architecture in the beautiful country of Ireland. Sounds lucky!  McCullough Mulvin Architects’ Long Room Hub is a thoughtful and… Read More


I’m really excited about today’s trip! Josh suggested that we head down to the island country of Madagascar and check out their architecture!  The central and imposing Mahamasina Sports Palace in capital city… Read More


Today Adam asked if we could go and explore some of of the Ukraine’s architecture. So here we go! According to the common version, the Golden Gate was constructed in the 1017-1037,… Read More


Today, in honor of last night’s Oscar winners, we’re going to explore some architecture that has to do with them. Can you guess the winners?Designed by FREE | Fernando Romero EnterprisE, Museo Soumaya… Read More


Today, Alison has asked if we could close out the week with a visit to some of Germany’s fabulous architecture. Ja!  Built in the German city of Munich, the Allianz Arena football stadium… Read More


In honor of Chinese New Year, John suggested that we head over and check out some of the amazing architecture in China! Happy New Year!  Architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au received first prize in… Read More


We leave Scandinavia and head down to check out some of the architecture Down Under in Australia. Thanks for the suggestion, George!  The Wave apartment building in Broadbeach, Queensland by DBI Design is… Read More


Hello all! Today we are going to finish our architectural tour of Scandinavia by visiting beautiful Norway! Let’s see what we can discover!  The striking Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland, Sogn og Fjordane,… Read More


Last week we started our visit to Scandinavia with Denmark and Sweden. This week we will continue our architecture journey with Finland!  I really love how the Lohja Main Library in Lohja, Finland… Read More


People enjoyed Denmark so much yesterday, that Helen suggested we stay in the area and explore some of Sweden’s architecture! Murman Arkitekter’s spectacular Tusen Restaurant in Sweden rises from the ground like a snow-covered… Read More


Today, Kevin asked if we could take a look at his country’s architecture. And that country is Denmark! Sounds fun to me!  The beautiful design for the Peoples Meeting Dome in Bornholm, Denmark… Read More


Today Brian suggested one of my favorite things… a guessing game! Let’s travel the world and see if you guys can guess this skyline?!  This skyline is relatively new, due to its location.… Read More


Happy Monday to all!! Today, Josh suggested that we explore some architecture in the tiny country of Luxembourg! Sounds fun to me! Let’s go!

The folks over at Metaform Architects have indeed outdone… Read More


Hey there! Today, Amy had a great idea and asked if we could travel around and see some of the world’s most beautiful castles. Join us!  Could this be the world’s most magnificent… Read More