Greetings and salutations! Today, Max suggested a really unique and fun destination for today. We’re heading over to Tbilisi, Georgia!  The amazing Tbilisi Roads Ministry Building was designed in the 1970s by George Chakhava. Now… Read More


Hey there! Today, Ken has suggested that it would be fun to head over to Portugal and check out some of their amazing architecture!  Frederico Valsassina designed the fabulously stunning Alcatel head offices in Cascais.… Read More


Hello! Today Marc has asked if we can check out some of the amazing and unique architecture in Las Vegas. Do you feel lucky!?  The Neon Museum visitor’s centre has been built from the remains… Read More


Called BD Bagata, this stunning 66-storey tower by Alonso-Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados will stand in downtown Bogotá.  The skyscraper is the result of what’s being billed as the world’s biggest crowd-funding campaign. What’s more, it… Read More


CRL Restoration suggested that today we visit some of Columbia’s and its capital, Bogota’s architecture. So let’s head to South America!  Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti is the brains behind the amazing El Porvenir kindergarten in… Read More


Super excited about today’s trip! Today, we’re going to explore the architecture of Ashgabat, the surreal white marble capital of Turkmenistan.  The Wedding Palace is a monumental building! It’s located in the south west of… Read More


Hello, friends! Today Dylan has suggested a very good idea. He asked if we could see some architecture in the Netherlands. Holland here we come! The WWF Headquarters in Zeist, Holland is pretty amazing. Aside… Read More


Hello! Hello! Today, Joe has suggested that we head on over to the Czech Republic and take a gander at some of their amazing architecture!  Fránek Architects designed the beautiful House of Prayer for Bretheren,… Read More


Greetings and salutations! Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are going to visit some of Ireland’s most beautiful architecture!  Todd Architects designed the striking Titanic museum in Belfast where the original ship was… Read More


Today, Joe suggested that we head Down Under and see some of Australia’s beautiful architecture. I say, G’day, mate, let’s go!  The stunning One Central Park in Sydney was designed by Parisian Ateliers Jean Nouvel… Read More


I’m excited about today! Jack asked it we could take a look at some interesting and amazing homes around the world. Home Sweet Home!  Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz designed this gorgeous home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.… Read More


Week half way point! Today, Peter suggested that we take a trip to Hong Kong and visit some of their more interesting architecture!  Boutique Design, an interior design studio based in Hong Kong introduced their… Read More


Today, Richard suggested that we head over to Panama and check out some of their exotic architecture. We’ll go to BOTH sides of the canal!  Panama City’s iconic 52 story Revolution Tower (now named the… Read More


CRL Restoration has asked if we could check out some architecture in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Let’s shoot for the stars!  Well, when you arrive in Los Angeles, this is one of the… Read More


Designed by Wingårdh Architects Studio, this gorgeously unique building is found at a university. The skin is made of six different shades of red and a one green which is executed in glazed terracotta. It… Read More