Today should be a lot of fun. Sarah has suggested that we head Down Under and check out some of the wonderful architecture in Australia!  Smart Design Studio designed this gorgeous visitor centre for a… Read More


Well, I decided to just stay on the North American continent today. After our architectural visits to the United States and Canada, let’s go south of the border to Mexico! Designed by Sanzpont Architectura, Cancun’s stunning… Read More


Since we visited the United States last, I thought today we could check out its neighbor’s architecture and head up to Canada!  Studio Daniel Libeskind collaborated with B+H Architects on the stunning renovation of the… Read More


Today, Jared has suggested that we see some of the amazing architecture that we can find in the good ol USA. Lots to see, let’s go!  Designed by renowned architect Walter Netsch, the US Air… Read More


Hello, All! Today, Justin has asked if we could visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world… Paris! He didn’t need to ask twice!  Architect Vincent Callebaut designed this stunning example of anti… Read More


Many thanks to Pei-Hua for suggesting today’s destination of exotic Mozambique! It’s going to be exciting to check out their architecture!  South African based architectural firm DSA Architects designed the gorgeous Horizon Residence & Office… Read More


Lots of people always seem happy when we travel to today’s destination. So I’m happy to announce that we’re heading to see Spain’s architecture!  The very impressive City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is… Read More


Super excited today! Today, Neil has asked if we could go and see some of the exotic architecture in Nigeria! This is a first for me!  DOS Architects designed this amazingly gorgeous church in Lagos,… Read More


Today is going to be musical. Valeria has suggested that we take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful concert halls!  The striking Oslo Opera House is the home of The Norwegian National… Read More


Today we are going to head to the very neutral country of Switzerland and check out some of their architecture. Thanks for the suggestion, John!  Lausanne-based Local Architecture designed this stunning Swiss church known as… Read More


I’m excited about today’s architecture trip. Thanks to Paul’s suggestion, we’re going to head over to the United Arab Emirates.  It’s gonna get crazy!  Asymptote Architecture designed the stunning Yas Hotel in Aby Dabi. It’s… Read More


Hello all! Today, Charles said that it would be fun if we checked out some of the architecture in South Africa. I totally agree! Let’s go!  This is a picture of a portable luxury lodge… Read More


Having a good week so far?! Today, Mike has thrown out the really fun suggestion that we head on over and see some of Germany’s architecture!  Architecture firm Green! designed the modern and quirky Bibliosphere… Read More


Today I’m really excited to about our trip. Andrew has suggested that we go and check out some of the special architecture in Singapore!  Ole Scheeren of OMA designed The Interlace a new residential typology… Read More


Is Spring finally here?! Looks like it. Today, Kate has suggested that we head over to Chile and check out some of their amazing architecture!  The striking and amazing concept for the Cardenal Belarmino Office… Read More