Today, Karlis has made the very interesting suggestion that we travel to the small country of Lebanon and scope out some of their architecture!  109 Architects with Youssef Tohmé designed this stunning building in Beirut… Read More


Today Ken thinks it would be fascinating to head on over to Turkey and take a look at some of their amazing architecture. Europe AND Asia!  Uras+Dilekci Architects designed the dramatic and very attractive Prestige… Read More


Today, Jack suggested that we head on over to the Czech Republic and check out some of their amazing architecture!  I think this modern office building with a striking residential tower in Prague by Ian… Read More


Those of you that were lucky enough to watch the Eurovision Song Contest over the weekend got to see Sweden win. So today we’re going to visit some of their architecture!  The Tusen Restaurant was… Read More


Today, in honor of Memorial Day in the US, I thought we could take a look at some of the world’s best memorial monuments!  Located in Bayonne, New Jersey, the 9/11 memorial, “To The Struggle… Read More


To celebrate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Rolf thought it would be fun to visit some of the architecture from the host country, Austria!  I really like this whimsical and clever Austrian nursery school designed… Read More


Since the Milan World Expo pavilions were such a big hit, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the fascinating and beautiful pavilions from previous expos! The famous UK Pavilion… Read More


Today we are going to continue our exciting tour of some of the gorgeous pavilions at the 2015 Milan World Expo. Here’s to day two!  Vo Trong Nghia Architects designed the statuesque pavilion for Vietnam.… Read More


Today, Amy has suggested that we head over to Milan and check out the entire world at the Milan Expo 2015! They say the pavilions are amazing! New York firm Studio Link-Arc and a team… Read More


To celebrate the weekend, I thought we could do something fun today by checking out some FUN architecture around the world! Let’s go! Designed by Jakob + MacFarlane, Le Cube Orange, a hugely distinctive piece of… Read More


Today is going to be VERY interesting, if I do say so myself! Blaine has suggested that we travel over to Croatia and check out architecture! Architects UPI 2M have designed buildings for Croatian cities,… Read More

Pub Man and Scythe

Hello to all! Super excited about today. Russell has suggested that we head over to England and take a look at some of their famous pubs!  In the north of England, Ye Olde Man and… Read More


Today, Kylie has given us the great idea to travel over to Venezuela. They have some pretty amazing architecture we can check out!  In 1955, Romero Gutiérrez firm, Arquitectura y Urbanismo designed the controversial El… Read More


Stella has suggested that we head on over to Hungary and take a look at some of their fascinating architecture. Hope you’re hungry!  Architecture film Asymptote’s stunning design for the new HQ for the Budapest Bank… Read More


So excited to be taking a look at some of the best female architects in the world. See if we highlight your favorite! I hope so!  Along with her husband/partner, Polish born Liz Diller designed… Read More