Happy Friday, all! To celebrate, Christina asked if we could head down to Brazil and check out some of their festive architecture! A big yes!  This may not look anything like the White House, but… Read More


Hello all! Get your passports ready! Today, Greg has suggested that we travel to New Zealand and see some of their gorgeous architecture!  An absolutely  lovely award winner is the Saxton Pavilion in Stoke, Nelson by… Read More


Today, Hummingbird Consultants suggested a really fun destination. Several! Let’s take a look at some cool pedestrian bridges! The award winning Jarrold Bridge is a unique, curved, double cantilever pedestrian bridge located in Norwich. The use… Read More


To start the week off right, Paul suggested that we travel over to South Korea and take a look at some of their amazing architecture!  One Ocean, the stunning solar-powered, naturally ventilated Thematic Pavilion designed… Read More


Today we got a really fun suggestion from Gary! We’re going to head over to Romania and check out some of their interesting architecture!  In the capital, Bucharest, you can find a gorgeous building. The old… Read More


Visiting architecture in the USA (and Georgia) was fun yesterday, so today it gave me the idea to head over to ANOTHER Georgia… The country!  I love the unique lines of the Mestia House of… Read More


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Greetings! Today, Sean wants us to visit some very neutral but amazing architecture in the country that is Switzerland! Let’s go! One of my favorite temporary churches just happens to be in St Loup, Switzerland. The… Read More


Happy Friday! To celebrate the weekend I thought we’d play an architectural guessing game. Can you guess where these famous buildings are located? It took architects Kristof Crolla and Adam Fingrut only 11 days to construct… Read More


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Had so much fun taking an architectural literary tour yesterday, that today we’re going to take a look at some history maker’s homes!  Nestled on over 14,000 acres of English countryside is Althorp House, the… Read More


Hello! Today we are going to do something fun and different. We are going to check out some of the homes of history’s greatest writers!  The stately hill-top holiday home of Charles Dickens, which sits… Read More


Carrie wanted to celebrate Miss Oklahoma winning the Miss USA Pageant, so today we’re going to see some architecture that can be found in the winner’s state! Kinslow, Keith and Todd Inc recently proposed this tornado… Read More


Today Jacob has suggested that we head over to the exotic and exciting Philippines and take a look at some of their architecture!  Sustainable housing known as “Earthbags” became very popular in the Philippines thanks… Read More