Today Steven has asked if we could visit some of Croatia’s interesting and beautiful architecture. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do!  Croatia is home to a wide array of spectacular Roman architecture. An… Read More


Happy Friday! Hope you’re having a great one. Today, Bryan has suggested that we head on over to Austria. The hills are alive with architecture!  The next ENTERprise designed the fabulous Cloud Tower open-air stage… Read More


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Today, Russell has suggested that we travel over to exotic Saudi Arabia and take a look at some of their amazing architecture! Sounds fun!  Wow, The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh is certainly glamorous! A gorgeous modern addition… Read More


Happy Monday! It CAN be happy! Today we’re going to continue our architectural journey through the United States. Your favorite state? Miró Rivera Architects designed the very cool Observation Tower for the Formula 1 Grand Prix… Read More


Today, Carrie has suggested that we head over to the United States and take a look at some of their amazing architecture! To the US!   Cincinnati Ohio’s Ascent building, designed by Daniel Libeskind,has a lovely… Read More


Today we’re going to walk the red carpet and take a peek at some celebrity’s gorgeous and amazing homes. And Best Architecture goes to…?  I love this glamorous Art-Deco-style mansion designed by architect Phillip Vertoch.… Read More


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Today we are heading to the City of Light and are going to check out some of the amazing architecture in Paris, France!  Design due Dominique Jakob and Brendan Macfarlane turned port warehouses into the uber cool… Read More


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Lotte had a great idea, so today we are going to travel the globe and see some of the world’s most beautiful and memorable train stations!  The magnificent Antwerp Central Station was designed by Louis… Read More