In honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s record breaking reign, today we are going to take an architectural trip to some of her Commonwealth realms.  The Queen’s own Windsor Castle is the world’s largest inhabited castle.… Read More


Since people seemed to enjoy yesterday’s not so great architecture, today we’re going to see some more of the world’s… interesting buildings!  This not so pretty (empty) building in Shanghai, China was so embarrassed it… Read More


Hello everyone! Today, Matt has asked if we could do something a little different. We’re going to look at some not so nice architecture!  In regards to the Orange County Museum of Art, I think… Read More


Guten tag! Today Jeff has suggested that we head on over to beautiful Germany and take a look at some of their inspiring architecture!  One such building is the stunning PALÄON Research and Experience Centre… Read More


Today David came up with a really fun idea to head to the state of Florida to check out some of their sunny architecture. Better bring sunscreen! Child of the Sun, also known as the Florida… Read More


Today Beth has suggested that we take a trip to the Philippines. Something tells me we’re going to see some very interesting architecture!  Award winning eco-architect Jason Pomeroy designed the fabulously glitzy Century City Mall… Read More


There are other buildings in New York City besides the Empire State and Chrysler buildings. Today we’re going to check some of them out!  Famed Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid’s first building in New… Read More