Happy Halloween weekend! People liked getting creeped out by yesterday’s scary architecture, so Ryan suggested that we see some more today!  Designed by the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright in 1923, the Ennis House is one… Read More


Today, to get into the Halloween spirit, Tom has suggested that we take a look at some spooky haunted houses and other architecture. Boo!  This creepy house might look familiar. That’s because it’s Norman Bate’s… Read More


Today we are sticking with our Rugby World Cup theme and are heading to Australia to check out some of their wonderful architecture!  Meaning ‘whirlwind’ in the local Kariyarra language, the colorful Wanangkura Stadium in Hedlend… Read More


Today we are going to celebrate New Zealand’s advancement to the finals in the Rugby World Cup by looking at some of its architecture!  Patterson Associates took the world stage when it won one of… Read More


Today Dina has asked if we could continue with our Name That Capital game. SO can you guess which city this architecture is found?!  I love these super cool toilets designed by Studio of Pacific… Read More


Today we’re going to take a look at some architecture that is found in capital cities in the United States. Can you guess the city?  Tuck-Hinton Architects/Moody Nolan, Inc. Architects are the brains behind this… Read More


Today Amy has suggested a really fun destination! Today we’re going to travel to beautiful Iceland and check out some of their architecture!  This is the gorgeous churchyard offices and staff housing designed by Arkibullan… Read More


Since today we’re Back To The Future, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some architecture that looks like it’s from the future!  SURE Architecture’s award winning “Endless City” is a… Read More


Today we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. I love firsts! We’re going to take a look at some amazing buildings that haven’t been built yet!  The gorgeous Ren Building was a proposed… Read More


Monday CAN be fun! Today we’re going to play a game. Do you think you can guess the location of this fabulous piece of architecture?  You might think this unique building was in Italy, but… Read More


Happy Friday! Today we are going to celebrate the weekend by visiting ten of the most visited man made structures in the world!  The Great Pyramid (Pyramids of Giza) was the tallest historical man-made structure… Read More


Today we are finishing our journey through the Baltic States by taking a look at some of Latvia’s amazing architecture! Come and join!  The detail of this gorgeous Art Nouveau building in Latvia’s capital of… Read More


So today we are continuing our architectural journey through the Baltic States. Yesterday Estonia, today… Lithuania! Pack your bags!  Rimas Adomaitis of RA Studija, designed this curvaceous, luminous, 10-floor office building designed in the form… Read More


Today Teresa has very politely asked if we could check out some of the architecture in the beautiful country of Estonia. Let’s go! You all know how much I love meshing the old with the new,… Read More


Everyone really seemed to enjoy yesterday’s LEGO day, so I’ve decided to keep the toy theme going and today we’re checking out doll houses! One of the murals on the wall of this unbelievable miniature castle… Read More