Today we are going to head on over to Buckeye State, and take a look at some of Ohio’s wonderful architecture. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary!  Starting in Ohio! Coop Himmelb(l)au’s stunning Akron Museum of… Read More


Happy Thursday! Today, Thomas has asked if we could head on over to Poland and take a look at some of their architecture. Sounds good to me! This gorgeous building is the Museum of History… Read More


I know we visited Holland not too long ago, but today they celebrate Konigs Dag (King’s Day), and I never get tired of Dutch architecture! How could you?!  The fabulously modern Netherlands Maritime University building… Read More


Well today is going to be a first, and I’m excited! Linda has suggested that we head on over to North Korea and take a peek at some of their architecture!  This extremely unique modernist ice… Read More


Happy Monday, One and All! Today, Ron has asked if we could head on over to eastern Europe and take a look at some architecture in Slovenia and Slovakia!  Bratislava-based Nice Architects designed the fabulous… Read More


Erin David Rae has made a very interesting request for fabulous Friday, he wants to check out some architecture in Antarctica! Bundle up!  Henry Mckenzie teamed up with his colleague Artur Kupriichuk to design these… Read More


To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday today, we are going to take a look at some architecture found in her Commonwealth realm! Happy Birthday, Ma’am!  The award winning Cloudy Bay Shack by Paul Rolfe Architects… Read More


Today we’re going to travel to London, home of the late and great Victoria Wood, and take a look at some beautiful architecture. Sad.  The award winning Richard Rogers-designed Lloyd’s of London building has its… Read More


Today, Fran suggested that we travel near and far and take a look at amazing architecture in some of the world’s capital cities! Bring your passports!  The simply mind blowing Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi… Read More


Happy Monday to everyone! Hope it’s beautiful where you are. Today, Jonah has suggested that we head to exciting Africa and see some architecture!  Hogarth Architects designed a fabulous holiday home in Kilifi, Kenya, that… Read More


Today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (1912) AND the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln (1865), weird, huh?  I never realized that. Well, Belfast, Ireland is where the Titanic was built. It is… Read More


Today, Albert suggested that we travel over to the very large country of Canada and take a look at some of their awesome architecture!  Here is gorgeous view of architect Roger Taillibert’s fabulous Olympic Stadium… Read More


To mark the half way point of yet another fabulous week, Mindy had the very cool idea of taking a look at some architecture in Australia!  In South Melbourne you can find ARM Architecture’s truly… Read More


Today, Jennifer suggested that we take a look at some of the fascinating architecture on American’s west coast. Let’s head west!  The historic Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson house in Eugene, Oregon is a stunning example of late Victorian… Read More


Happy Friday everyone! To finish off this amazing week, Paul suggested that we take a look at some of the wonderful architecture in Wales! Architect Acanthus Holden’s design philosophy for Roch Castle, in Pembrokeshire, south… Read More