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I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today, Neil has asked if we can head over to the US state of Missouri and check out some architecture! The international firm Safdie Architects designed the gorgeous… Read More


Today, Madison has asked if we can take a look at some of the world’s most interesting and beautiful hotels. I say we check in!  The stunning Shimao Wonderland InterContinental is currently being built on… Read More


Happy Tuesday, one and all! Today, Michelle has suggested that we travel on over to beautiful Ukraine and explore some of their unique architecture!  The unusual waterfront Foros Yacht House in Crimea was designed by… Read More


Today, the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, so I vote that we check out some awesome architecture in Pennsylvania! The talented Richard Olcott of Polshek Partnership Architects designed the wonderfully creative Lewis Katz Building for… Read More


Hey, is it really already Friday!? To finish out the week, Lisa asked if we can head on over to Tennessee and check out some architecture? Yes we can!  Hodgetts + Fung Design & Architecture… Read More


Got quite a few suggestions for today’s architectural journey, so I’ll try to get to them all in the next few days. But today, we are heading to Wales in the United Kingdom!  The creatively… Read More


People really enjoyed our tour of Denmark yesterday, so today we are going to head next door to gorgeous Sweden and check out some of their wonderful architecture! I absolutely love Murman Arkitekter’s birch covered restaurant,… Read More


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I certainly am! Today, Andy has suggested that we take a trip to Denmark and check out some of their architecture!  The very talented BIG Group designed the stunning award… Read More


Today is Nelson Mandela Day, so to celebrate, Didier has suggested that we travel on down to beautiful South Africa, and take a look at some fascinating architecture!  TJ Architects designed the unique and fun… Read More


To end the week, Kyle has suggested that we take a trip to beautiful India, and admire some of their timeless and amazing architecture.  The stunning Park Hotel in Hydrabad, India was designed by the… Read More


Hey, it’s Thursday, we almost made it! Today, Abe has suggested that we go from unique architecture, to ugly architecture! To each his own!  Shaped like Thailand’s national animal, the 32-story mixed-use Elephant Building in… Read More


Yesterday’s world wide tour of “Unique Architecture” was so popular that we are going to continue our journey today! You spoke, I listened!  The 200 meters high twin “Folkart Towers” are the 3rd tallest buildings… Read More


Today, we’re going to do something fun and travel the globe and hunt for some of the world’s most unique architecture. Bring your passport!  The two towers of the YAS Viceroy Hotel in Abu Dhabi… Read More


Happy Monday, everyone! Today, Rolf has suggested that we head on down to beautiful Chile and see what amazing architecture we can find!  Sebastián Irarrázaval Delpiano designed the exquisite Caterpillar House in the Chile capital… Read More


Hope everyone is having a great weekend wherever they are! Thought today we could take a look at some wonderful architecture in sunny Florida!  A beautiful shot of the simple yet elegant Girl’s Club Collection… Read More