It’s almost Friday! To celebrate that milestone, today Stella has asked if we could travel to Kentucky and check out some architecture! Let’s go, ya’ll!  DeLeon & Primmer Architecture Workshop designed the really unique and… Read More


To celebrate National Drink Beer Day (!?), we’re going to head over to the beer capital of the world, Germany, and check out some of their wonderful architecture!  The talented people at Behnisch Architekten designed the… Read More


Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! Today, Trina has come up with the super fun idea to travel to exotic Iran and look at some of their fascinating architecture!  The amazing Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, also known… Read More


Happy Monday to all! Hope you had a great weekend. To make today a bit brighter, Ron suggested that we see some amazing architecture in gorgeous Italy! Sì Sì!  The stunning MAXXI, Italian: Museo nazionale… Read More


Happy Friday, everyone! We made it! So today, Gil has asked if we can take a look at some of the architecture in Tokyo. Japan here we come!  Although it was built 18 years ago,… Read More


Happy first day of fall, everyone! Today, Katleen suggested that we travel to beautiful Belgium and take a gander at some of their exciting architecture!  In Brussels, Belgium you can find the gorgeous Parlement Francophone… Read More


Hope everyone is having a great day! Today, Kristin has suggested that we travel over to exciting Israel and check out some of their wonderful architecture!  Architects Haim Dotan and Avi Arbel designed Ashdod’s creative… Read More


Monday’s don’t have to be all bad! To prove it, today Danny has suggested that we head over and look at some architecture in the beautiful Czech Republic.  A PLUS / A.M.O.S. DESIGN s.r.o. are… Read More


It’s finally Friday! And to celebrate, Trina thought it would be fun to travel over to Spain and look at some of their architecture! Si! Si!  The amazing, and now iconic City of Arts and… Read More


In honor of Throw Back Thursday, today, Clive thought it would be fun to take a look at some 1960’s architecture. I totally agree! Groovy, Baby! I absolutely love Swiss-German painter Walter Jonas’s 1960’s proposal for… Read More


Okay, folks, we’re half way there! Today, Richard has asked if we could head down to skinny Chile and look at some of their architecture! Si we can!  Sebastián Irarrázaval Delpiano and associated architect Erick… Read More


Hope everyone is having a good day. Today, Sherryl has suggested that we head on over to lovely San Francisco and admire some of their remarkable architecture!  The very talented Rafael Viñoly Architects designed the fabulous… Read More


Is it Monday already?! Well, to make the day a little bit brighter, today we’re going to travel to Switzerland where their architecture is anything but neutral!  A team of Swiss and Dutch architects designed… Read More


It’s finally Friday! To celebrate this wonderful fact, today we are going to check out some of the amazing architecture in exciting Paris! Can I hear a oui oui!?  The stunning Louis Vuitton Foundation is… Read More


Happy Thursday, everyone! We’ve almost made it. Today, we’re going to travel over to little Lithuania and take a look at some of their big architecture!  Believe it or not, this stunning building is a… Read More