Let’s get this party started! Today, Olivia has suggested that it might be fun to see some awesome architecture in lovely little Luxembourg. I totally agree! The Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte Concert Hall, located on the Kirchberg plateau… Read More


To celebrate International Women’s Day, Jessica asked if we could look at some awe inspiring architecture what was designed by… women! That’s a great idea!  Completed in 2009 by American architect Jeanne Gang, Chicago’s absolutely… Read More


Today, is going to be a blast from the past. Richard has suggested that we take a look at some of the world’s most awe inspiring castles! Mind the moat!  The magnificent Château Comtal (Count’s… Read More


Happy Monday! Did everyone have a fun and productive weekend? We’re going to start the week off right, with Julia’s suggestion we take a look at some of Austria’s amazing architecture! I love this very cool… Read More


Did everyone have a great Friday? No complaints here! To close out the week, Victoria suggested that we see some very proper architecture in London!  In 2011, Richard Rogers and Partners’ unbelievable Lloyd’s Building was… Read More


Today, Jeff thought it would be a fun (and sporty!) idea to travel the globe and take a look at some of the world’s most amazing stadiums! I totally agree!  Lars Vretblad and Svante Berg… Read More


For some reason, today is National Pig Day, so Elizabeth suggested to celebrate, we should take a look at some interesting barns around the world. Oink! Oink!  The Arcadia Round Barn is a landmark and… Read More