Today, things are really looking up! Kristina thought it would be a lot of fun to take a look at some of the world’s coolest skyscrapers. I totally agree!  The Shanghai Tower is even more… Read More


Today, William has suggested that we travel up north, and take a look at some of very cool Canada’s creative architecture! Let’s go!  This is the amazing roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre West. This… Read More


Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Let’s start the week off right by traveling on over to the Netherlands and checking out some awesome architecture!  The extraordinary Evoluon in the city of Eindhoven was built… Read More


Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I also hope everyone enjoys today’s trip to wild and exciting Africa to look at some of their amazing architecture!  The beautiful Alice Lane Towers in Johannesburg South Africa… Read More


I get so many requests for Scandinavia, so today, since Karlis thought it would be fun to check out some architecture in Norway, let’s go!  The strikingly angular Town Hall in Hamar, Norway was designed… Read More


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today, Jonah has suggested that that it would be fun to check out some architecture in marvelous Melbourne!  Fun Federation Square is one of the most visited public… Read More