Today Clara has suggested that we take a trip over to Switzerland and gaze upon some of their unique and lovely architecture! Let’s go!  The Pritzker Prize-winning Herzog & de Meuron designed the stunning Actelion… Read More


Today is going to be a lot of fun! Lynley has suggested that we travel on over to Israel and take a look at some of their impressive architecture!  This is a beautiful shot of… Read More


Today, Christopher thought it would be fun if we traveled on over to fabulous New Zealand and took a look at some of their fascinating architecture! I agree!  Stevens Lawson Architects’ Blyth Performing Arts Centre… Read More


Today, we’re going to kick off the week with a bang by traveling the globe and checking out some of the world’s most amazing houses!  Located in Los Angeles, California, the innovative Modernist Chemosphere is… Read More


Super excited about today! Ann asked if we could finish the week off by traveling over to pretty Poland and admire some of their inspiring architecture!  The award winning architects at Jerde Partnership designed the… Read More


As we head into the end of the week, Amanda suggested that it would be fun to take a look at some of China’s world renowned architecture!  The interesting sculpture “The Winds Of May”, is… Read More


Happy Hump Day everyone! Chloe seems to be in the shopping mood, because today she asked if we could look at some of the world’s most amazing stores!  It’s easy to see why the iconic… Read More


Hope everyone is having a great day! To make it just a bit better, Jonathan has suggested we check out some architecture in beautiful Belarus!  Architects Varabyeu Partners along with SEFAR Architecture are the talented… Read More


In honor of 9/11, today, Grady has suggested that we take a look at some of New York City’s remarkable architecture. Never Forget!  Famed architect Norman Foster designed the sleek upper tower of the Hearst… Read More


So, today, we’re going to end our week of colorful architecture by taking a look at some positively precious purple structures!  In 2003, the wonderful Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas was designed by architect… Read More


We’re going to continue with this week’s color theme! Though it’s not a “true” color, Rick asked if we could see some brilliant black architecture! I see a red door and I want to paint… Read More


I guess we’re going to continue our popular color motif for the rest of the week. So today, let’s take a look at some beautiful blue architecture!  The award winning and very blue Benson Radiology… Read More


Wow, you guys are really digging our recent colored architecture! So today, we’re going to continue with that theme and look at some white ones! So, NO color today!  The interior of St. Peter &… Read More


People really liked our array of orange architecture last week, so today, Amelia has asked if we could take a look at some red architecture! I’m in love!  The very red Casa das Artes (House… Read More


It’s finally Friday! And we’re going to celebrate the weekend by traveling the world, and taking a look at some awesome orange architecture.  The Orange Cube, designed by Paris based Jakob + Macfarlane was part… Read More