Today, Linda has suggested that we take a look at some architecture in beautiful Bucharest, so pack your bags, we’re heading to Romania!  The absolutely fabulous National Architects Union headquarters in Bucharest was once a private… Read More


We’ve made it to the half way point! And to celebrate that milestone, Sheppard has asked if we can see some architecture in Australia. Let’s head Down Under!  This colorful and interesting building is the award… Read More


Since’s it’s apparently National Pasta Day, Celia thought it would be the perfect day to check out some architecture in interesting Italy! I say Si!  Architects at Richard Meier and Partners designed the stunning, award winning… Read More


What better way to start the week than traveling the globe and admiring some of the world’s most colorful architecture, right?! What’s your favorite color?  Believe it or not, this spectacularly colorful building is actually a… Read More


It’s finally Friday! To celebrate, Kenny thought it would be really interesting to check out some fabulous architecture in delightful Denmark.  I totally agree! The stunning National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet is the largest… Read More


As we quickly slide towards the end of the week, Jason has suggested that we take a look at some of the different Starbucks from around the world!  This dapper Starbucks is located at 99 St.… Read More


Several people have come up with a really great idea, and requested that we look at some of the amazing facades of the world’s most beautiful skyscrapers! I love it!  MAD Architects’ designed the stunning Sinosteel… Read More


Today Jennifer thought it would be fun to take a trip over to fabulous Qatar and check out a selection of their fascinating architecture. I totally agree!  This interestingly shaped structure is part of the Weill… Read More


Since yesterday was so much fun, several of you have asked that we travel the world again and check out some more super fun architecture!  Built in 2004 and designed by architect Szotnyscy Zaleski, this building… Read More


It’s Sunday Funday! So we’re going to have some fun and travel around the world and take a look at some super fun architecture! Fun, right?  You can always tell when Mr. Frank Ghery has created… Read More


Hope everyone is having a great week! To help make it even better, today, Dirk has suggested that we travel to fascinating Tbilisi, Georgia and see some interesting architecture!  Located in Rhike Park, in Tbilisi, Massimiliano… Read More


Since it’s National Taco Day (who knew!?), today, Jennifer has suggested that we head south of the border and check out some architecture in marvelous Mexico!  One of my favorite Mexican buildings is the amazing Museo… Read More


Another day, another architectural adventure! Today, Molly asked if we could travel on over to Ohio, USA and admire some of their amazing architecture!  It’s pretty obvious that iconic architect, Frank Gehry designed the Peter B.… Read More


Thought we’d do something a little different today (and fun!), and travel the world and take a look at some amazing architecture that’s now… gone.  This interesting building is the Bastille Fortress in Paris. Construction… Read More


Today, Will has suggested we take a look at some architecture in Laos. But I’m going to one up that, and we’re going to Southeast Asia! Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, here we come!… Read More