Tokyo tower Tokyo tower By: sebastien batardy

Emmanelle Moureaux has designed and built the Ekoda branch of the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo. Sugamo Shinkin Bank “is a credit union that strives to provide first-rate hospitality to its customers in accordance with its motto ‘we take pleasure in serving happy customers'”. Moureaux previously designed three other branches, and has successfully created banks that make employees and customers feel at ease. The building is a white rectangle, with huge glass windows. There are colorful, thin columns on the exterior of the building in front of the glass facade. The rainbow of sticks is inviting and happy. The chairs in the cafe-like space in the interior lobby of the bank mirror the colors of the columns outside. The colorful design is echoed throughout this bank branch.


Read More: Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Ekoda Branch by Emmanelle Moureaux

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