Nordahl Grieg High School Nordahl Grieg High School

LINK arkitektur has built the 14,000 square meter Nordahl Grieg High School in Bergen, Norway. The firm has an extensive history of designing schools and this particular project was the result of a first prize win by the architects in an EEA design competition from 206. The architects had the challenge of designing an ideal learning environment in a region where dark winter months and rainfall exist for about 240 days of the year. This extremely long and dark winter posed many obstacles in design. “The building consists of two large volumes jointly positioned, with sport facilities in one volume and the educational part in the other one. There is a copper roof folded around the building body and interested glass facades with colored prints to create life”. The facade is almost entirely transparent to take advantage of the minimal sunlight, and bright colors were added so that the facility feels vibrant.


Read More: Nordahl Grieg High School / LINK arkitektur 

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