Tokyo Tokyo By: sebastien batardy

Last year, masatomo_kojima_auds designed a steel unit-system cafeteria for the Boat Race Promotion Association in Tokyo, Japan. The space required flexibility so it could also be used for live concerts and shows occasionally. Their main challenge was to create a moveable, controllable unit system that could be manipulated for different uses in an existing building. They decided not to change any of the existing building conditions. Instead, masatomo_kojima_auds created ring-shaped aluminum extrusions and panels set within the frames. The aluminum was chosen because it is light weight and easy to move, but is also strong. They were created modularly and assembled in a shop outside. This makes is easy to repeat lighting and architectural designs within the space. The result is a dynamic and interesting three-dimensional space that can be used in a variety of ways.


Read More: ROKU Edogawa/masatomo_kojima_auds

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