Berlin Central Station Berlin Central Station

With the news that New York plans to eventually kick out Madison Square Garden in order to rebuild Penn Station as a massive, new intermodal transportation hub, we thought we would examine a similar project in recent years, Berlin’s Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof).

Central Station was finished in 2006, and it’s an elegant modern facility, with high steel and glass roofs that incorporate photovoltaic cells into the glass panes. The cells generate power used to operate the station

Berlin Central Station Structure

Berlin Central Station Structure

The structure contains 2 levels. The top level has 6 tracks, 4 of the tracks serving main line trains, the remaining two serving rapid transit trains on the new S-Bahn route. The lower level has eight tracks serving main line trains and an additional island platform for U-ban trains.

The bridges to the S-Bahn platform are unique in that they are curved due to alignment issues. Furthermore, the train platforms were all built on a suspension system that enables greatly reduced vibrations from incoming trains.

The station also connects with 5 local bus lines, making it a true intermodal facility and one of the latest trend in trains stations that serve the interests of travelers and commuters while also managing to be environmentally friendly and architecturally interesting.


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