About Us

Arch Journal is brought to you by IAC Industries as a public service to the architecture community. We recognized the need for a great website that focuses on commercial, industrial, and medical architecture – the types of structures that are often home to our workplace solutions. We take great pride in the design and manufacturing of our high quality products, and it’s a thrill to see them complement beautifully designed buildings.


Because architecture is typically thought of within the context of residential and urban design, the vast number of educational, commercial, industrial, institutional, medical, and scientific buildings that are built every year receive comparably little attention in the media and online.


The editors and contributors at Arch Journal are committed to sourcing the best quality information available to make your search for answers a little easier. Our goal is to bring together the latest architecture news and information all in one place.


We also hope to shine a light on the many architects and designers who dedicate their lives to this less publicized but vitally important area of architecture. As we progress, we plan to bring you personal interviews with influential architects, architectural firm profiles, and featured projects from around the world.