Aguilas, Murcia, Spain Aguilas, Murcia, Spain By: Andy Roberts

Ecoproyecta + Ad-hoc msl finished an exceptional extension of classrooms at the University of Economics at Murcia University in Murcia, Spain. The university employed this collaborative team of architectural firms to create eight new classrooms at the School of Economics and Business. The architects wanted to emphasize sustainability and energy efficiency in both design and function. Adhoc msl were the original architects of the school, so the expansion was quite consistent with the primary design. “The general scheme of the building was determined by four classrooms and office blocks, with east-west orientation, that cross two perpendicular communication rooms, with north-south orientation”. As opposed to environmentally costly new construction, the designers decided to integrate the eight new rooms into the open porches that already existed.


Read More: New Classrooms for the School of Economics at Murcia University / Ecoproyecta + Ad-hoc msl

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