Architect Vahid Mojarrab's Freezer Office Architect Vahid Mojarrab’s Freezer Office

And you thought Breaking Bad was the coolest thing to come out of New Mexico…  Now comes word that Architect Vahid Mojarrab, principal of WAMO Studio, has moved his entire Santa Fe offices into a freezer.

Mojarrab, a big fan of repurposing facilities, recently moved his studio into an old 550 square foot walk-in freezer formerly used by the Taos Cow Ice Cream Company.

After removing the compressor and cutting holes in the metal walls for a door and windows, the architect was able to salvage some metal components of the original freezer that were used in constructing the new office, including the original door.

Best of all, the studio is 50% more energy efficient than an average office, thanks to the extruded polyurethane insulation in its walls. All in all, it makes a pretty cool office.

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