The Sliced Porosity Block in Chengdou, China, designed by Steven Holl is more than just a few skyscrapers. The plaza creates a metropolitan, multi-use center with its design roots in ancient Chinese poetry and the aspect of time. Steven Holl explains his design, which is a combination of residential, commercial and retail, and public uses. The buildings have diagonal lines cut through them that are in line with the sun. “The buildings are sliced with sunlight”. The whole project is organized to open to the south, making the most of natural lighting. Each residence gets a minimum of two hours of direct sun lighting each day. There are three large water features engrained into the plaza, and all water is recycled. There are about 282 geothermal wells that give the heating and cooling to the complex. Also included is a “building within a building”, a history pavilion for Chengdu created entirely of raw bamboo and steel. It will house projections that give visitors and orientation of Chengdu’s story. Holl says in this video that “China is a culture that understands the urgency of building for the future”.




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