Huelva Huelva By: Larry Wentzel

Republica DM architects have finished the Castillo de Cumbres Mayores Rehabilitation in Huelva, Spain. The project is a military fortress that appears centuries old. The castillo responds to strategic needs as well as serves as a destination for tourists and others passing from Spain to Portugal. The architects “tried to consolidate the existing assets… and to accommodate the new uses proposed for the remodeling”. The process included demolitions in the front of the structure, reconstruction of battlements and finials, wall and masonry repair, new stone pavement for the paths, new gargoyles, staircase repairs, and new security elements. The architects reappropriated  the interior space so that it may be used for cultural events and activities in the future.


Read More: Castillo de Cumbres Mayores Rehabilitation / Republica DM

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