Malmo, Sweden Malmo, Sweden By: ctsnow

The Emergency Clinic + Clinic for Infectious Diseases by LINK arkitektur + CF Möller in Malmö, Sweden. The project included new extensions and reconstruction. The building’s design has a major emphasis on daylighting, the patient rooms and waiting areas are all sunlit. Even the color palette of the building facade evokes the sun, with bright and warm tones covering the structure. “The new building consists of a white plastered foundation in the basement, the ground floor housing the acute and infectious disease reception areas, upon which rests the circular glazed superstructure with three floors of wards for the infectious disease clinic, two office floors and the technology floor at the very top. The new section connects to the existing surgery building with its ambulance entrances, trauma centres, (and) treatment and surgery centre”.


Read More: Emergency Clinic + Clinic for Infectious Diseases / LINK arkitektur + CF Möller 

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