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Two new buildings connected by a sustainable landscape can be seen at the University of Connecticut. The new structures on the university campus house the five social science and humanities departments. They contain 40 new classrooms ranging from lecture halls to small seminar rooms. The buildings are centrally located on the college’s site so part of the design process was to ensure the buildings maintained and improved an “academic pathway” for students to use and enjoy. One building, Laurel Hall, has already received LEED Gold certification, and the other, Oak Hall, is on the same certification path. The architects used brick and copper as their main exterior materials to “create a more coherent campus center”. Due to the focus on sustainability, most of the brick came from the region, namely Maine, and slate from Vermont was used for the interior flooring. The buildings coexist peacefully with one another and the previously built structures surrounding.


Read More: University of Connecticut Social Sciences and Classroom Buildings / Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects

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