East Harlem School East Harlem School

The East Harlem School in New York, NY by GLUCK+ architects is a 27,800 square foot shows the school’s “dream… to have a space that showed we would defend our families’ interests [and] had a soaring ambition for them and ourselves”. The school is a not-for-profit, year-round middle school for grades 4-8 that is oriented towards children from low-income families in East Harlem. The school gives scholarships to all their students and was the first independent school to be built in Harlem in years. The lower floors of the facility contain the public areas, cafeteria, gymnasium, and entry. They have a transparent, acid-etched glass exterior casing and the inside functions are visible from the street. The top floors have classrooms and academic space and are more private, with an array of windows and panels in different colors and levels of transparency.


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