Tianjin Tianjin By: Bill Benson

The Tianjin Exhibition Center will be built by gmp Architekten. The firm won first place in the design competition for the center. The structure will be 1.2 million square meters when complete and have 400,000 square meters solely for exhibition space. The site is located in Tianjin’s historic center and connects a major traffic connection with the waterfront. There is an “open-air exhibition space, a congress center, hotels, offices and administration facilities”. The building is contemporarily designed of  mostly glass and steel. The facade includes umbrella-like support structures that rise high to the top of the building. Restaurants, gardens and open spaces are all part of the design as well. Tianjin is the third Chinese city where an exhibition center “of international important” will be built after Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Read More: National Convention and Exhibition Center Winning Proposal / gmp Architekten 

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