Kagithane Gardens Kagithane Gardens

JDS Architects have built the premier campus office proposal for the Kagithane Gardens business district in Istanbul, Turkey. The planned 100,000 square meter facility “opens itself up to the neighborhood and offers spaces to the users and passersby such as plazas, intimate gardens, and generous terraces”. The site is on a hillside so the architects decided to virtually carve the structure into the landscape. The design weaves into the greenery in an organic way. The ground floor contains commercial space that is open to the green public plazas. The remainder of the complex is reserved for both office space and additional commercial space. The building takes advantage of natural sunlight by the use of sun shades with movable louvers. “The Kagithane Gardens is where such a rich diversity can find its place” in terms of the various functions coexisting in one super complex.


Read More: Premier Campus Office in Kagithane Winning Proposal / JDS Architects

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