Dusseldorf Dusseldorf By: Sebastian Dooris

Dusseldorf, Germany is home to an “Oasis” for researching doctors. O.A.S.E., “Oasis” is a Medical Library designed by HPP Architets is a 20,000 square meter place of “Exchange, of Innovative Teaching, and Learning and Development”. It belongs to the Heinrich Heine University and the University Clinic of Dusseldorf. It stands at 38 meters high and has a striking facade of glass and bright white, linear abstract shapes. The structure appears as a mosaic and is visible from a great distance. The structure contains library facilities, reading areas, study rooms, a cafeteria, and exhibition areas throughout the eight floors. The interior designers filled the bright and open space with vividly colored furniture and accent pieces. Views of the surrounding landscape can be seen from every floor.


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