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Gonzalo Mardones Viviani architects have built the Hornitos Hotel for the Caja de Compensación Los Andes in Hornitos directly atop a plateau overlooking the Atacama Desert, north of Chile. The architects’ main challenge was to create a facility that offered every luxury but also was as unimposing as possible. They decided to use a partially buried architecture to blend with the landscape and natural surroundings better. The main hotel volume is laid out horizontally with spread out “cabins” that reflect the vastness of the desert. “Every volume has been made of reinforced concrete pigmented with the colors of the desert intensifying the intention of mimesis to try to pass through unnoticed.” The hotel encompasses 5,800 square meters and contains 38 rooms, with an additional 36 rooms in the 18 cabins, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, an auditorium, meeting rooms, lounges, and gyms.


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