Marin County Civic Center Marin County Civic Center By: Daniel Hartwig

The Marin County Civic Center was Frank Lloyd Wright’s final commission and the largest of all his public projects. He was chosen to design the center in 1957 and in 1958, his proposal was approved. Wright died a year later in 1959 and his protege Aaron Greene took over leadership of construction. Wright designed literally every aspect of the civic center, right down to the signage and furniture. Wright is famous for including nature in his designs, and Marin County was no different. He “considered it to be one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen” and thus created and organic, horizontal structure to mirror the landscape. The roof was originally supposed to be covered in gold but Wright’s wide later decided to paint it light blue because she thought it would blend in with its environment as it aged. The building also was very earthquake resistant and technologically advanced. The project boasted “two center spaces in each building with atria that grow wider as they rise higher – a Guggenheim effect”. The combination of features and design concepts definitely made the Marin County Civic Center a culmination of Frank Lloyd Wright’s career.


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