Monarch Monarch By: Robert Engberg

Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle have completed the McAllen Main Library in McAllen, Texas. The building was actually once a Walmart, and after the company abandoned it, citizens of McAllen had to decide what to do with the empty structure. The city chose to reappropriate the building into a library instead of demolish to lessen the environmental costs of construction. “The primary challenge of reusing the building was to create a highly functional, flexible library of 125,000 square feet on a single level. The library is now the largest single story library in the United States. The interior is organized into primary program areas: the children’s library, adult services, community meeting rooms, and staff area. The city of McAllen is a crossroads of sorts, every year thousands of species of insects and birds pass through as they migrate. The building is designed after this local phenomenon, and is focused on movement and migration.
Read More: McAllen Main Librayr / Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle

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