Alpes Alpes By: Alessio Maffeis

Remy Marciano and Jose Morales have designed the Lycee Regional Rene Goscinny in the Alpes, Maritimes. The structure sits in the mountainous region in an area that has been “deeply sculpted by water over time”. The architects wanted to tell the landscape’s story with this building. The design “unfolds onto the slopes” and follows the same strip pattern as the nearby towns do. It blends with the local architectural language, commenting both on the regions natural beauty and strengths as well as its restraints. It is protected from floods and noise coming off of a nearby railroad. The long, linear, organic school brings nature together with a man-made edifice containing all the comforts needed in a positive learning environment.


Read More: Lycee Regional Rene Goscinny / Jose Morales & Remy Marciano 

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