CT Scan CT Scan By: Akira Ohgaki

The University of Buffalo and Kaleida Health have united into one unit. The new 476,000 square foot structure has stacked “a translational research building over a clinical vascular institute”. The Gates Vascular Institute (GVI) takes up the bottom for floors and the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) makes up the rest of the building. There are 62 private patient rooms, 59 exam rooms, five admissions offices, 16 intensive care beds, seven surgery rooms, and other patient, doctor, and family amenities. The Emergency Department is equipped to take in and treat 60,000 patients a year. The entire medical facility is state-of-the-art, with brand new CT scan technology, diagnostic x-ray machines, and overhead electronic files. There is also over 170,000 square feet of laboratory space for cutting edge medical research. The collaborative environment and architecture gives this medical center the potential to be one of the best. The Kaleida Health Gates Vascular Institute cost $291,000,000 was completed in 2012 and designed by Cannon Design.


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