james corner field operations james corner field operations

Chicago’s Navy Pier on Lake Michigan is currently a “cluttered, over-commercialized tourist trap”. The city plans to redevelop the pier, enlisting James Corner (of High Line fame) to create the design. James Corner Field Operations unveiled their design to transform the congested pier into a “lush, urban park”. Corner scaled back from his original plan released last year due to budgetary restrictions. Originally Corner included a large pool with a sand beach on the pier but this has since been cut out of the now $176 million renovation. The “biggest addition to the pier will be flanked by a ‘wave wall’, providing unobstructed views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline”. The new design will also include new plantings and green space, a fountain, an ice skating rink, upgrades to the Crystal Garden, and other landscape upgrades. The first phase of the proposal is slated for completion by 2015.


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