Tadao Ando Vitra Tadao Ando Vitra By: Markus Keuter

Architecture firm SANAA has built a new Factory Building on the Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein in Germany. 1993 was the last year for construction on the Vitra Campus until the factory building. The university already has many important structures from before ’93, among them area Tadao Ando’s Conference Pavilion and the Zaha Hadid fire station. In 2006, a new phase of expansion started with the university choosing Herzog & de Meuron to create the VirtraHaus complex and the Japanese architects SANAA to create a production facility for Vitrashop. “By choosing SANAA for this project, Vitra continued a strategy pursued for the previous 25 years of commissioning internationally renowned contemporary architects with the expansion of the Campus”.


Read More: Factory Building on the Vitra Campus (SANAA) 


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