Segovia Segovia By: Rubén Vique

The University Campus of Segovia by architects Ricardo Sánchez González + José Ignacio Linazasoro has recently been completed. The Segovia, Spain based campus sits on a site in the center of the city’s historic core. The city in general is lacking in public space and green space so the architects tried to incorporate these features in the new design. The result was “a great covered square which use does not limit itself to only the students and teachers but to the entire neighborhood”. The library rests in the center of the square, with reading spaces and classrooms surrounding. The facade was designed to reflect some of the historic architecture in the area, and has been created on a human scale using a combination of cool and warm materials.


Read More: University Campus of Segovia / Ricardo Sánchez González + José Ignacio Linazasoro Rodríguez 

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