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Google has long been famous for their incredible work facilities and amenities. Google has buildings all over the world that promote efficiency and sustainability. Google’s employees rank among the happiest in many surveys. They now want to build their own offices from scratch rather than convert existing buildings as they have done in the past. They are teaming with the Seattle-based firm NBBJ to expand their giant “Googleplex” which consists of 65 buildings in Mountain View, CA. They hope by 2015 to complete a 1.1 million square foot complex on a neighboring site. Google has named this complex “Bay View”. NBBJ designed the new spaces “from the inside out” so that function is the main focus, even over aesthetic. The plan “features nine, bent rectangles clustered on the large 42-acre site in a way to form a variety of lush courtyards and pathways”. Once complete, it will be the largest office complex in the country with exclusively radiant heating.


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