5G University of Surrey 5G University of Surrey

Scott Tallon Walker Architects has recently won a competition to design the new 5G Research Centre for the University of Surrey “which will be the world’s first center for research into the next stage of mobile technology at the University”. The £35 million project will contain a circular, central atrium that breathes life into the building and is a focal point for research and collaboration. It will house 130 researchers and 90 PhD students and is on a rush schedule to be complete by the end of 2014. “5G is the fifth generation of mobile cellular systems. 3G is currently in use in the UK as the country transitions to 4G. 5G’s focus is on network capability, providing more capacity with lower power consumption.” The center will achieve a BREEAM Excellent environmental rating and utilize sustainable building practices in its entirety.


Read More: University of Surrey 5G Research Center Winning Proposal / Scott Tallon Walker Architects 

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